The Red Cell Way

We are not a traditional venture capital firm


Our Board of Directors, advisors, team, and team of teams have unparalleled experience, information advantage, and deal-sourcing talent in the areas of Healthcare and National Security. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to be desired, trusted partners and investors.


There is a massive gap between the Public and Private innovation engines of our economy. Our structure gives us the ability to look laterally across the opportunity landscape and allocate capital where we see the most need and the best return. Most of the time we believe we can add the most value as builders, but where great ideas and teams already exist, we are active and opportunistic investors.


National Security and Healthcare are two systems, dependent on antiquated processes and legacy solutions, that without imminent innovation and urgent investment are underprepared and ill-equipped to overcome modern challenges. We prioritize building businesses that create dual-use technology for public and commercial applications.

The Red Cell Advantage

We are a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, domain experts, operators, and investors. We work in partnership with founders and entrepreneurs to build best-in-class companies and position them for unprecedented early success by enabling business leads to focus on growth by optimizing the company creation process.

The Red Cell Platform Team

L to R, Lindsay Previdi (Head of Human Capital), Barrett Yates-Mack (Chief Financial Officer), Katie Griff (Chief Marketing & Communications Officer), Heather Stevenson (General Counsel), Jacqueline Hurley (Head of Operations).
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