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We are an incubation firm building rapidly scalable technology-led companies that are bringing revolutionary advancements to market in three distinct practice areas: cyber, national security, and healthcare.

Build With Us

We take an active interest in early-stage concepts and optimize the company-creation process to build best-in-class businesses equipped for unprecedented long-term success. The Red Cell platform unlocks not only game-changing access to capital but the ability to leverage a world-class team of domain experts specializing in product & engineering, finance, legal, operations, communications, talent, brand, and marketing. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for evolving companies to move rapidly from seed to independence.

Red Cell Go

Red Cell Go is an opportunity for entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise to partner with an established incubator to explore and validate innovative ideas that have the potential to become the next Red Cell incubation company. We invite entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge in their fields and a game-changing idea capable of making a meaningful impact to apply.

Successful applicants will secure a 3-month, paid 1099 contract to validate their concept and build a pre-seed pitch deck to present to Red Cell’s Investment Committee (IC).

For those who are successful in their IC pitch, their relationship with Red Cell will transition into a longer-term, more intensive collaboration –  where we will partner with them to accelerate the journey from idea to market and turn their concept into a Red Cell incubation.  The applicant will be brought on as a salaried, full-time Incubation Lead, securing a coveted opportunity to further engage with our network and resources, and to leverage our team-of-teams expertise to turn their vision into a viable, scalable, and market-ready entity. 


Program Highlights

During the 3-month discovery contract period, participants will benefit from:

Frequent consultation sessions with the President and Chairman of their Red Cell practice area.

A dedicated operations partner resource.

Virtual office hours with members of Red Cell’s platform team and other Incubation Leads, facilitated by your operations partner

A pre-pitch session with the Red Cell practice team to refine their pitch before presenting to the IC.

Guiding Principles

At Red Cell, we understand where our strengths lie in building businesses. Each of our practice areas – cyber, national security, and healthcare – has specific categories where it seeks to build meaningful and impactful companies, and is guided by a set of principles that inform decisions about which ideas we commit to incubate and to fund.

We are seeking entrepreneurs who are ready to champion innovative and transformative solutions and who have the insight and dedication to thrive in partnership with Red Cell’s incubation engine.

Select Practice Area

Red Cell Partners’ Cyber Practice incubates groundbreaking ideas that solve real cybersecurity challenges in the government and commercial sectors.


The inexorable forces that will drive opportunities in cyber over the next decade are:

Evolving Threat Landscape:

The increasing use of cyber tactics by nation-states for power projection, including data theft, cyberattacks, and influence operations, alongside the sheltering of cybercriminals, will continue to lead to a surge in ransomware incidents and intellectual property theft.

Tool Sprawl and Fragmentation:

The proliferation and fragmentation of cybersecurity tools are driving a demand for more streamlined and integrated solutions.

Cyber Workforce Challenges:

The high cost and scarcity of cybersecurity expertise are expected to result in persistent understaffing issues, exacerbating the cyber risk landscape.

Emerging Tech:

Advancements in cloud computing, AI for offense and defense, Web3 for data ownership, and post-quantum technologies are reshaping the cybersecurity landscape and strategies.

Core Characteristics

We select ideas and partners based on the proposed solution’s adherence to specific criteria:

Reduced Risk/Cost:

Solutions that significantly improve customers’ cybersecurity posture by supporting cyber resiliency (networks, systems, etc.) and predicting, preventing, and mitigating cyber risk (e.g. cyberattacks).

Efficient Implementation:

Solutions that integrate with existing customer systems or operations to minimize friction and enhance interoperability and that are well-suited to scale without compromising capability – considering factors such as cost, infrastructure, personnel training, and supportability.

Enduring Value:

Solutions designed to be flexible, allowing evolution with changing requirements and the ever-evolving threat and policy landscape; solutions that leverage technologies that are expected to have a lasting impact on various domains and industries and withstand the test of time.