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We are an incubation firm creating rapidly scalable technology companies that are bringing revolutionary advancements to market in healthcare, cyber, and national security.

Our Name

Our name and approach are derived from the CIA’s post-9/11 Red Cell concept that engaged cross-functional subject matter experts to look at problems in a different light, challenge conventional models, and propose innovative responses to complex questions.

Our Mission

United by a shared sense of duty and deep belief in the power of innovation, we are developing powerful tools and solutions to address our Nation’s most pressing problems.

Our Vision

To build a healthier, safer, and more secure future for the next generation.

Our Values


We win together and we fail together. Great results are not the product of any one individual; they are the outcome of diverse perspectives, iteration, and fortitude. We root for our collective success and we support each other through challenges, both big and small.


We want to be judged based on results. Our actions and words are aligned. Always. We stand up for what we believe in and we show up for each other.


We believe that the great, game-changing companies of tomorrow will be created by passionate teams committed to consistently delivering excellent results in all that they do today.

We Are


The future is our focus. We believe there are answers to impossible problems.


We are analytically fearless. We eagerly challenge the status quo; we believe that non-traditional approaches lead to revolutionary advancements and better outcomes.


Failure is a part of life and presents an opportunity to learn. We have created a safe-to-fail environment where we do not dwell on mistakes. Instead, we are action-oriented and self-reflective – always reassessing, always moving forward.

Build With Us

Our formula for success begins with those who dare to look beyond what’s possible.

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