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Yisroel Brumer

Working with Red Cell has been a dream job for me. The opportunity to literally change the world, save lives, and make next-generation technology a reality while also working with the unambiguous cream of the crop in a culture that makes every day a pleasure is beyond anything I thought possible.

Grace Newsom

Operations Associate
My experience at Red Cell has been an incredible journey. I have especially loved working alongside the firm’s remarkable leaders in the cyber and national security fields. Red Cell’s collaborative environment has allowed me to grow and meaningfully contribute to our mission. Overall, I am proud to be part of a team that combines domain expertise with an important, forward-thinking vision.

Léa Bourgade

Senior Marketing Manager
Working at Red Cell has been an incredible opportunity for someone like me who has always gravitated towards several different interests. The ability to help build multiple companies at once – each with its own mission, product, and team – has made for a dynamic work environment where every day is different and learning opportunities are found at every corner.

David Silverman

Chief Operating Officer
In today’s rapidly changing world, marked by increased speed and dense interdependencies, organizations everywhere are facing dizzying challenges, from global terrorism to health epidemics to supply chain disruption to game-changing technologies. These issues can be solved only by creating sustained organizational adaptability through the establishment of a team of teams, which is what we have created here at Red Cell.

Andy Ngo

Assistant General Counsel
The culture at Red Cell is special. In a workplace where ideas and processes move at lightning speed, it is rare for a company to make its employees feel valued, appreciated, and empowered to make an impact. I have not only experienced that in my work with my department and team at Red Cell; but also throughout the entire company. I am proud of not just the company I work for; but also proud to work alongside the people who make the culture at Red Cell special.

Our Talent

  1. You invest in us, and we invest in you.

    We expect you to work (really) hard. In return, we will work just as hard to give you opportunities to learn and to reach your professional goals.

  2. We have high standards. You should too.

    We demand intellectual honesty, transparent communication, and ego-free interactions from the entire team. You should too.

  3. We value you – all of you.

    Whether it’s engaging in your favorite hobby or spending time with your family, you care about thriving both in and out of the office. We support that.

  4. We hire the best and the brightest at every level.

    We are small but growing. If your dream job doesn’t pan out now, get more experience, develop your skill set, and come back to us.

What We Look For

At Red Cell, culture is defined by the way our employees live out our values each and every day.

For us, ideal candidates are:


and passionate about their jobs. They work hard to make the company’s mission a reality.


strong communicators and team players who don’t mind chipping in when and where help is needed.


and accountable, always ensuring their
words and actions are aligned.


and committed to a standard of excellence. They double check their work and take pride in all that they do.

Our Hiring

  1. Written Application

    Fill out a job application via our website or LinkedIn. You will answer some basic eligibility questions and upload a resume and optional cover letter.

  2. Initial Interview

    You will receive an email inviting you to either meet with a hiring manager over a 30- to 45-minute video call or with our Director of Recruiting over a 30-minute phone screen. During this interview, we will review your background and discuss your interest in our open position.

  3. Skills Assessment

    You will be asked to complete a live or take-home assignment to be reviewed and graded by your hiring manager and others in their department. This exercise may be technical or non-technical, depending on the position, and you may be asked to present your exercise in Peer Interviews.

  1. Peer Interviews

    You will meet with two to six team members over 30- to 60-minute video calls to better assess your knowledge and skill set, and potentially discuss your take-home assignment. Depending on the team or incubation, you could also be asked to meet with executive leadership over a 30- to 45-minute call.

  2. HR Interview

    Our Head of Talent Acquisition will assess your culture fit and walk you through our company benefits and policies.

  3. Offer

    If you are selected for the position, our Head of Talent Acquisition will extend to you a verbal offer and, if necessary, set up time for an additional phone or video call to discuss your offer terms.

  4. Written Contract / Background Check

    Upon verbal acceptance of your offer, we will send you an official contract for signature. Once you’ve signed, a background check will be conducted ahead of your start date.

Our Benefits

Red Cell takes pride in being a place where talent wants to come work. We offer a variety of benefits and perks to our employees.

Ability to work fully remote.

*Certain jobs may have in-office requirements

100% employer paid, comprehensive healthcare coverage including medical, dental, and vision for you and your family.

Paid maternity and paternity for 14 weeks at
employees’ normal pay.

Unlimited PTO, with management approval. All Federal holidays observed.

Opportunities for professional development and continued learning.

Occasional travel to our offices in Washington D.C
or alternative locations to collaborate with the team in person.

Optional 401K and FSA available.

Diversity – Equity – Inclusion – Diversity – Equity – Inclusion – 
Diversity – Equity – Inclusion – Diversity – Equity – Inclusion – 

Open Positions

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Hiring FAQs

Our hiring timeline may vary depending on several factors, including the team you are interviewing with, the urgency of the role you are applying for, and more. Accounting for all factors, a typical Red Cell
hiring timeline takes four to six weeks, regardless of whether you are applying for a full-time or
part-time position.

We will email you letting you know you have not been selected to move forward in our interview process. At times, we may keep you in our talent pipeline and reach back out if any new positions across our incubations open up that you may be a fit for.

Red Cell Go

Learn More

Red Cell Go is a program for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to partner with Red Cell to build innovative and transformative companies in the cyber arena.

We are seeking entrepreneurs who dare to look beyond what’s possible in order to build innovative solutions that will meaningfully impact the world today and tomorrow.

We Partner With Individuals Who Are:

  1. Mission-Driven

    Committed to solving hard problems that will make our society healthier, safer, and/or more secure

  2. Action-Oriented

    Able and driven to own tactics and outcomes

  3. Highly Experienced

    Possess deep industry insight, operational understanding, and a differentiated perspective

  4. Product-Focused

    Embrace new technology, are detail-oriented, and

  5. Humble Learners

    Serious about listening, learning, growing, and checking their egos at the door