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National Security


“To address America’s most critical needs, we must leverage the entire ecosystem of the defense industrial base – especially small, agile businesses – to partner with DoD and drive innovation.”

Veronica Daigle
President, National Security Practice

Our Approach

We Believe

As near-peer competitors move to establish their military dominance, the United States is confronted with the challenge of expediting its development and adoption of cutting-edge defense innovation to outpace looming threats to our national security.

Major Factors Reshaping the
National Security Sector:


Growing Global Threat

Provocative actions and aggression by near-peer competitors will drive demand for modernization and readiness.


Downward Pressure on Funding

Politics, non-defense demands, and the growing national debt and deficit continue to act as a brake on defense budget growth.


Over-Reliance on Traditional Contractors

National security is a heavily regulated, bureaucratic monopsony dominated by the top five defense primes that account for 36% of defense contract obligations.


Scale and Speed of Tech innovation are Key to closing Gaps

There is a growing need for innovation in defense and for non-traditional players to deliver cutting-edge technology ­— including transparent and trustworthy AI – to the DoD.

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