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Incubation Cyber 2023

Analyst Obsessed

“Cybercriminals and hacktivists are as ubiquitous today as the devices and systems they attack. No one is off-limits from these malicious actors whose increasingly sophisticated tactics cost victims billions of dollars each year in losses in the United States alone. At Andesite, our aim is to supercharge cyber analysts to operate more nimbly and efficiently in an increasingly data-dense security environment.”

Brian Carbaugh Co-Founder & CEO, Andesite

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The Problem

While deploying sophisticated tactics, cyber criminals cost victims billions of dollars a year. Cyber analysts need advanced tools to operate more nimbly and efficiently in today’s increasingly data-dense security environment.

The Solution

As an analyst-obsessed company, Andesite’s primary focus is on improving the capabilities and efficiencies of cyber defense teams. Its advanced AI-driven technology is built to simplify cyberthreat analysis and empower analysts to predict threats, prioritize and allocate resources, and take preemptive action before attacks can occur.

“Every day, our institutions – from major global enterprises to local municipal governments – are under threat from malicious actors who seek to penetrate their systems. That is why it is imperative that we build leading-edge tools powerful enough to help cyber defense teams and analysts counter this constant threat and lessen its burden on our nation’s public and private institutions.”

Grant Verstandig Founder, Chairman & CEO

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