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Incubation National Security 2022

Resilience in the Face of Disruption

“There is a massive unmet need in the national security space to provide senior operational leaders with the necessary software, AI, and advanced analytics for testing, training, and preparing for future disruptions and conflicts. We are consistently seeing that today’s commercial supply chain networks are not adequately resilient in the face of systemic global disruptions. We conceptualized DEFCON AI, a software platform that will merge next-generation modeling and simulation with AI-driven intelligent agents, to comprehensively address this gap.”

Yisroel Brumer Co-Founder and CEO, DEFCON AI

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National Security

The Problem

Logistics and global supply chain operations are disrupted through a variety of means: natural disasters, unanticipated events, and increasingly sophisticated near-peer competitors eager to exploit vulnerabilities. Responding to these disruptions is currently an extremely time- and resource-intensive process. Resilience, facilitated by AI-driven technologies, is urgently needed.

The Solution

DEFCON AI has set out to solve for contested mobility through logistics simulation solutions that allow planners on the edge to dynamically evaluate complex, real-world scenarios and help our Nation maintain its strategic advantage over competitors. The company’s first decision-support tool, Artiv(™), will deliver highly complicated operational wargaming analysis in minutes instead of days.

“Fast-tracking innovative technologies is more important than ever in this new era of great power competition. If the U.S. military is going to modernize and maintain its overmatch against China and Russia in the years ahead, then there needs to be a much different and better relationship between the Pentagon and the most innovative sectors of our economy. Red Cell intends to play a major role in that transformation, and DEFCON AI is an important step forward as it works to narrow a critical defense gap.”

Mark Esper Former Secretary of Defense, Chairman, National Security Practice, Red Cell Partners

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