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Incubation Healthcare 2023

AI, Uncomplicated.

“In healthcare, administrative complexities often stand in the way of delivering efficient, patient-centered care. Trase was founded on the belief that by harnessing AI, we can dramatically reduce this administrative waste, enabling healthcare payors and providers to focus on what truly matters – patient care. Our platform offers an unprecedented opportunity to rapidly deploy and evaluate AI solutions, transforming the landscape of healthcare administration. By doing so, we not only streamline operations but also pave the way for more innovative, effective, and personalized healthcare solutions.”

Joe Laws Co-Founder & CEO, Trase

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The Problem

The healthcare industry is burdened by wasteful administrative spending. With a flood of AI point solutions coming to market to tackle administrative challenges, healthcare technology leaders need a governing platform to ensure their data is secure and their tools are generating real ROI for their organizations.

The Solution

The Trase platform is an orchestration layer that helps companies improve ROI, reduce operating expenses, protect patient information, and seamlessly integrate third-party APIs.

“Provider enablement has become an enormous issue as administrative costs have ballooned to one massive expense, resulting in providers making significantly less even as their costs have gone up. There is a critical need for tools that can automate and streamline business processes, provide governance, and measure ROI to solve key problems facing healthcare organizations every day.”

Naimish Patel President, Healthcare Practice, Red Cell Partners

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